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Healthcare Packages


COVID 19 CARE (Isolation and Quarantine)

20000.00 / Day

  1. FREE ICU DOCTOR consultation – Online and WhatsApp
  2. Complete care plan for family with trained nurse and all medical equipment.
  3. Complete training for family for home isolation and quarantine with hand hygiene protocols.
  4. Daily review and consultation by doctor for vital monitoring.

Package for Post COVID- 19 Patients

  1. Oxygen Concentrator - 5 LIT.
  2. Cardiac Monitor.
  3. PPE KIT.
  4. Medical Consumable – N95 Mask, Sanitizer, Gloves etc.
  5. Nurse 24 Hours Stay.
  6. Dr. Consultation – Online/ WhatsApp.
  7. Essential Medical kit -Infrared Thermometer, Pulse Oximeter, Stethoscope, BP Machine, Steamer.

Terms and conditions

  1. Minimum service period - 07 days (No refund) and onwards pro data basis.
  2. All the payment will be only online or NEFT , no cash payment.
  3. Medical consumable like gloves, mask, and sanitizer is included in package.
  4. All medical equipment is also included in package
  5. Payment advance- Rs.140000+10000
  6. COVID 19 lab test cost for staff will be wear by patient party.
  7. Family have to follow all govt guidelines issued for Covid19 home isolation and quarantine
  8. We have clarified all medical and critical illness of the patient before our Home care services and saturation going below 88 should be managed in hospital only.
  9. All kind Medicines/ lab will be your responsibility.
  10. Any refund will be only online in three working days after closure of services.
  11. If in any case staff have any medical issues it will managed by office and medical COVID insurance will be given to staff